The Awareness Project is not a religion; not a church; not a temple; not a synagogue. It’s a process of self discovery. A way to come to full realization of what we are. It’s a way to understand life through awareness. It’s not based on faith, but understanding and knowledge.

How aware are you?

Are you hyper sensitive? Do chewing sounds bother you? You might be an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). Since the 1990’s there has been a phenomena surfacing. Sensitive people, or Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs) are realizing who they are.

Have you ever been called “too sensitive”? Does too much input overstimulate and overwhelm you? There are tests you can take to see how sensitive you have become.

Most HSPs usually have one or several hidden talents. They can pick up an instrument with ease, and can learn a subject without really reading all of the material. It’s as if HSPs have very advanced awareness. They can become aware of the slightest movements, or sound. Most sleep with white noise at night, because they are very light sleepers. Some are very recluse. Not because they want to be lonely, but because too much interaction can become irritating to someone who is overly sensitive.

Why are there HSPs? Some people have evolved hyper sensitivity due to their survival nature. We needed to be able to escape danger, and detecting noise or movement saved our life, or many others.

HSPs are very talented when it comes to the creative arts, like music, sculpture or other visual arts. They pay more attention to details, which makes them more “perfectionist”. If you are an HSP, you are simply more aware of your environment than many others.

If you notice someone speaking with a “whistling S”, mention to your non-HSP friends, and watch them become aware of it after you mention it. Most people are not aware beyond their basic programming. Go to sleep, wake up, go to work, do chores. Some of us can detect our environment with such great detail and we can become experts in the subjects at hand rather quickly. We don’t need much information to learn about something. We already have a natural curiosity and wonder about the Universe. We will learn everything because we want to know and be aware of everything in the Universe.

"We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself"
Carl Edward Sagan

Seeking real answers?

“I’ve been searching for answers and all I got is more questions…”

– Karen Longo

"Life is the universe experiencing itself, in endless variety"
Alan Watts

If you find yourself not understanding anything about the Universe, realize this: You are part of the Universe, not apart from the Universe. Since you are part of it, you are it. You are the Universe experiencing itself. There’s no magical creatures hovering in the skies above. There are no angels to pray to that either answer or ignore you based on the idea of a God that has a plan.

Many of us feel the same way. We feel important since we are aware of our surroundings. But we also feel like we belong to something bigger. That something bigger is already known to you. You just haven’t realized it yet.

Being part of the Universe means to understand that you’re made of the same atoms that were scattered all over the solar system in its early stages. All those particles came together for one reason. They came together to make you. A point of view. A perception. A physical, sensing being that became aware of its surrounding to the point of understanding that there are creatures so small that we can’t see with our eyes, but they’re there, and other galaxies out there that are so large that we can’t grasp the concept.

Yes, there’s a reason for all of it. We are the Universe discovering itself. The whole point of life, we believe, is to learn as much as we can about ourselves and our surroundings. That’s the same point of the Universe itself. It’s alive through us. When one realizes this, and not just regurgitate it, they gain clear vision and knowledge of the whole point of life.

In general, the Universe wants to learn. It learns about itself through us. The Gaia theory states that the first astronaut (that saw the Earth from high above) to die, brought that knowledge back to Gaia and that was the first time Gaia saw itself. Our concept is very similar, but with us, the first time a creature in the Universe saw a planet, it became aware of it and had added knowledge that it didn’t have the moment before. With this sort of knowledge comes comfort.

Think about how when bacteria, the first life form, was able to detect its surroundings. It was really short range, and it was only to gather food. It avoided light and hid in the dark. Its job was to learn its surroundings. It was already programmed to multiply. Through succession of eating, growing, evolving and mutating, it reached a point where it’s able to observe things like the Andromeda Galaxy heading towards us. That’s right. We’re the offspring of billions of years of one bacteria adjusting and adapting to its environment, first in water, then on land, then the sky, and finally, space. We are that bacteria. We all share that one moment in our pasts. Just because our atoms weren’t in the same order that they are today, doesn’t mean we didn’t exist as another state of being.

Using things we already know from science, we go further, and deeper into actually understanding what life is, how it came to be, and why is it here? We also dive into the concept of consciousness and awareness on a philosophical and physiological level.

We’re learning more and more about our place in the Universe, and that brings a certain sense of comfort.

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  • Even when you make a mistake, there’s something to be learned. Live and learn.
  • As large as the Universe is, be appreciative of the little things. You’re not the only one here… and now.
  • The Universe is truly big, and old. Respect your elders.
  • Your time here is temporary. Your impression is not.
  • Enjoy the physical experience. You only get it once.
  • We are the Universe experiencing itself. From the earliest dust particles bumping into each other to create stars and planets, to the the first sign of life, being able to see our surroundings, to our present time when we finally understand that there are other galaxies, and how tiny they seem when compared with the vastness of the known Universe.
  • God is the simple explanation to the complexity of the Universe.
  • Our sole purpose is to learn as much as we can, and pass that down to children, who in turn will pass their knowledge to their offspring. And that’s how the Universe learns about itself.
  • Early on as a bacteria, we could only detect food at close range in water. We eventually realized that there are more places to live than just water. We discovered land and air. We could see so much further. Then, we moved to the sky, taking flight, and eventually uncovered an entire Universe in space.
  • Atoms are like pool balls. They bounce around against each other without purpose, until they find their pocket.
  • Yes, evolution is a long shot. About 4 billion years long.
  • The true observer understands more than the faithful.
  • Having faith means having 50% doubt in what you believe. Otherwise it wouldn’t be called faith. Understanding is 100%, all of the time.
  • There are things around us so small and so large that we can’t observe either with our naked eyes.
  • When you hurt someone, you’re hurting yourself, literally. We’re all part of the same Universe. Just because your little toe is not aware of your thumb, does not mean that on a larger scale it won’t be felt if you cut either off. The damage could be permanent.
  • Becoming aware of your surrounding is the first step to understanding the Universe. It’s not a lot, but it’s enough to get you going.
  • As insignificant as we may seem, we’re the only ones we know of to understand so much about our surroundings. My cat could care less about Andromeda or about my next door neighbor. Her Universe is so much smaller than mine.
  • Our civilization is a product of years and years of dealing with barbarians. Cherish it.
  • Everything is as it seems.
  • The more we know, the more aware we are about our surroundings. As a child, I knew very little, and thought I knew everything. As an adult, I don’t know anymore.
  • We should not fight each other as much as we should fight injustices around us.
  • There are 7×1027 atoms in the average human body. That’s 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms in a human body alone. That’s 7 billion, billion, billion atoms. Ponder on that.
    • 2/3 of that is Hydrogen.
    • 1/4 is Oxygen.
    • 1/10 is Carbon.
    • Those three amount for 99% of the total atoms in our bodies.
  • Consider the atom.

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