The Universe

To do good

The Universe wants to feel good If you have ever wondered about good and evil, and which path should you choose, or what exactly is good and evil… you’ve come to the right place. Many wonder the same thing. We need a definition of what are good things. We need an understanding of why we …

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The Golden Ratio

Not to be confused with the golden rule, the golden ratio is an amazing discovery. Using mathematics, we were able to unlock a secret so profound, it redefined the way we perceive our surroundings and life itself. It’s a fascinating discovery that showed us that what we consider as beauty is actually a mathematical formula …

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If we had to classify our understanding of the known Universe, it would have to start at the atom. It’s the smallest observable matter of life. Everything is made of it. Outside of radiation and some sub particle energies, we know it exists. It was theorized about a long time ago. 400 BC to be …

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