From Stability Comes Comfort

From stability comes comfort. From comfort comes knowledge  From knowledge comes awareness.

Atoms try to find stability. That’s why they are considered unstable until they find other atoms that are also unstable. They pair up, and become stable. And that’s how matter forms.

When matter is stable, tons of wonderful things happen. Molecules form. From stable molecules, cells form. From stable cells, tissue forms. From stable tissue, organs form. From stable organs entire systems form. From stable systems, organisms can exist. And that’s how we have life.

Life seeks to be stable. The more stable, the more life can advance.

Even if you were to look at it politically. A country in chaos is bad for everyone. When a country becomes stable, philosophers can strive. New ways of thinking and understanding come to fruition. Just look at the end of the dark ages. They were a period in our past filled with systems of control and chaos. After we found stability, the renaissance period began. Today, we’re very spiritual creatures as a lot of people are no longer believing in gods, but in themselves.

We take it one step further and say that the spirit is really just a collection of atoms, electrons and other particles that are stable enough to give the sensations and memories that we experience. When someone is in chaos, we say their spirit is broken. Now it makes more sense. They are unable to learn from themselves or their surrounding. They become depressed and that leads to their ultimate instability when their bodies physically break down.

Life itself is all about becoming more stable. You grow up. If you grow up in a “stable” household, you grow up well. When you get married, you become stable emotionally and physically. Your spouse brings some stability to the chaos of the world. You want a stable job. When you get old enough, you want the stability of retirement.

When you’re stable, you tend to do things that improve your life. You have time to read a book and get a little smarter. You have time to spend with your loved one which improves your sharing of knowledge, which the Universe loves. You become more social and active in your life. When you’re stable you’re able to think of things that improve your way of thinking, bringing you closer to full awareness.

Even with mental illness; we call the dangerous ones mentally unstable. Practice Yoga and you bring a sense of stability and balance through meditation. You build a strong foundation so that your house is stable. Are you starting to see a pattern now?

Bringing up the point of balance, stability doesn’t mean the overwhelming sensation of goodness. It means balance. Food is necessary, but too much food can be bad. Balance is key. Shampoo cleans your hair. Too much and you lose your hair. We’ve all heard that moderation is key. Couldn’t be truer when applied to the atomic model.

The Universe’s goal is to find stability, not chaos. Through stability, the Universe discovers itself.

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