Gods and Science

The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

Awareness started with the gods. Gods shared their knowledge through our curiosity. The more wisdom we gathered about our world, the less the gods become.

The more we know about our world, the more aware we become of it, the kinder we become to it. Soon, we won’t need gods, because we will be gods. It’s ok to be a god, because you will also be kind as a god.

Alpha and Omega

It started with a god and ended with science and knowledge. All we have to do is be ethical, and we will be on our way to enjoy a world meant for the gods.

With time, gods become less because they continue to give us their knowledge. Every time we discover something, that’s the gods sharing their wisdom about our world, making them smaller and less powerful. That’s less they need to do for us. That’s how we thank our gods. A 5 year old doesn’t know about taxes. We need to take time and learn properly, otherwise, the gods’ power in the hand of man is a dangerous thing.

Until now, they could bring us to their heavens. We can build spaceships and breathe in the void of space.

The Twin Flames

Problem solvers solve the problems and mysteries of the universe. True twin flames figure out how to solve the problem to be together, first.


Doing everything to your limits is divine. And that makes you a god up to that point in time. The more things you learn and are aware of, the more of a god you become to your past self. You know way more now, than you did a year ago. You’re a god to your 5 year old self. What kind of a god will you be to yourself of now?

The Creed

The only thing I’m selfish about is to better myself, so humanity doesn’t have to hurt.

Integrity & Trust

Keep information accurate. Talk it out. Verify the data in your head. Don’t believe. Ask. Verify. Prove. We work way better with each other when we’re true and don’t corrupt the information between us because we have learned how to trust each other.

Think About It

Only when you can see the color of a sweet, does it taste different.

Logic is spiritual self-repair.

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