The Golden Ratio

Not to be confused with the golden rule, the golden ratio is an amazing discovery. Using mathematics, we were able to unlock a secret so profound, it redefined the way we perceive our surroundings and life itself. It’s a fascinating discovery that showed us that what we consider as beauty is actually a mathematical formula that follows the golden ratio. Our bodies are proportional to the golden ratio.

When you look at the Vitruvian Man, you can see the golden ratio at work. Everything is so proportional, and related to everything else. The way pineapples grow is also a golden ratio effect. Crystals growing, trees expanding, and even shapes of continents resemble and speak to us in numbers, the language of the Universe.

So what does that have to do with our lives? Quite a bit. There might have been other ratios in nature that came to be, but just like evolution itself, they came to pass. Not all ratios survived. Just the ones that can create a repeating, self replicating process for the world to continue.

Michael Fruehmann

You can see vibrations and frequencies in everything from something as direct as music to more minute parts of the world, such as atoms. See the diagram below for how the golden ratio plays in atomic structures. It’s no wonder that everything else that follows atoms also has this stable structure. Think of your DNA double helix curving with the same ratio, trees’ branches and roots, and even our own human body. Even our galaxy, the Milky Way, follows the Golden Ratio. From the torso-legs relationship to your entire face (ears, mouth, nose, lips), to your arms’ length from shoulder to elbow to wrist, to knuckles… everything else, it’s all following the same frequency, or ratio. Read more about it here:¬†

We can’t help. but embrace this amazing occurrence in the Universe. This was another way for the Universe to move forward in developing the ability to know itself more. Know thyself.

You fast forward a few billion years, and that golden ratio has really taken some interesting forms. That’s what the concept of God really is. It’s not a secret that no one knows about. It’s right in front of you. Through discovery of ourselves and our surroundings, we’re discovering that we’re more and more connected as one Universe. We’re special because of our observational qualities. We’re able to observe things like the golden ratio through the universal language of mathematics. Phi (Greek character for the golden ratio) is not a new concept, but it’s making a major comeback.

Learn more about this fascinating little secret of the Universe and you’ll learn so much more about yourself. Check out this site that shows you many occurrences of the Golden Ratio around us.¬†

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