The Good and The Bad

Intelligence is quantifiable. One can check self or friends by plotting actions and behavior. Lay out your chart accordingly.

Make a graph where X-AXIS is the self ( negative is left, bad, positive is right, good).
Make the Y-AXIS the “Others” dimension.

Start plotting points on the graph based on peoples’ behavior. Intention means nothing. We judge people on their actions taken by them. Remember, apology without change is manipulation.

The Good and Bad are tangible ethical concepts that make most uncomfortable and not have trust. Lying, stealing, physically hurting, basic philosophical concepts.

This can fix our world, but we’re way too emotionally involved. We consider the EQ more important than the IQ. The IQ has kept us around for hundreds of thousands of years. Run from tiger, eat, etc. We don’t use the scientific method enough. We don’t even ask why, we just punish because someone hurt us. We don’t trust each other anymore because we let the selfish run amok. We’re not serious about maintaining a civilized world anymore. We can’t. Too many bad people hurting too many good people, and we keep letting them because we’re weak. We need to be good to self, and others!

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