The Universe wants to feel good

If you have ever wondered about good and evil, and which path should you choose, or what exactly is good and evil… you’ve come to the right place. Many wonder the same thing. We need a definition of what are good things. We need an understanding of why we should do good things. And, should be be upset when bad things happen? And, should we do bad things when bad things happen? Does one bad deed cancel another bad deed?

As you may have guessed, we tend to learn more about philosophical things when we’re at peace. During time of war we struggle and try to find innovative ways to kill each other, or to do more bad things. The Taoists approach is a bit too passive. The Buddhist approach may be a good example. Find a balance to be angry at the bad things in life.

I think people should be angry at things that are worthy of anger. Injustice is outrageous and deserves outrage.
Christopher Loffrado Hayes

So, saying that anger is bad, is not always correct. It’s simply explained through logic. Excessive anger that leads to more destruction in the long run is not a good thing. Being just angry enough to lead a march against corruption is not only acceptable, but also to be human, and the US Founding Fathers knew this. That’s why they had Freedom of Speech as the first human right in the Bill of Rights. Speaking against injustices is good. Showing pleasant emotion towards injustices makes you part of the problem, not the solution. Negative emotions towards injustice is only the beginning of correcting what’s wrong and corrupt. Be angry at injustice. It’s your given right, and it makes perfect sense.

Why does the Universe want good things? Since we are the Universe, we want good things. We want comfort in a world of chaos. Space is very dangerous. It’s full of radiation and so cold that you would literally freeze. Earth is our comfort zone. Earth is our home because it offers comfort in a Universe where anything else will kill you. The Universe found so much comfort on Earth that it now has time to ponder the rest of its existence.

Repetition is comforting. You wake up, you shower, eat, and go to work where you spend your time solving problems, come home, say hi to friends and family, watch some TV, go to sleep and start all over again the next day. On the weekends you have time to catch up on personal repetitiveness. Drive to the beach, go to your favorite restaurant, find a new restaurant, etc… This sort of repetitiveness brings comfort. When you have all this comfort, you can use your spare time to learn more about yourself. Take a painting class. You might be surprised at the amount of talent that you possess.

When you’re living under a bridge, or in a tent, your world revolves around basic needs, such as food, water, shelter and clothing mostly. You’re busy seeking comfort. Thousands of years ago when the Greeks would think about the existence of the atom, and what is self, they had the luck of comfort due to their geographic region. Until they started fighting. When war broke out, all that knowledge was lost and had to be relearned. What a waste of time. The Universe died a little during that period of war. The Universe dies a little each time we hurt each other. We’re not progressing to understand ourselves when we fight.

The Library of Alexandria was burned to the ground by barbarians. Their greed for conquer led to the destruction of a lot of gathered common knowledge. Who knows where we would have been if we had been able to save that knowledge. It’s not about changing the past, it’s about learning from it and not repeat the same mistake for the future.

When the Universe has comfort, it has time to evolve. It can observe so much more. It can learn more about itself. Learning about ourselves seems to drive us, in the same way it drives the Universe.

When we’re comfortable, we can spend more time to create social bonds with others. We can learn more about each other. We can communicate more about our own experiences. We can share experiences and expand our understanding of the the entire Universe as a whole.

Let’s be friends has a much more profound meaning when you realize your place in the Universe. Being able to share those experiences makes one feed good. This feel good feeling is necessary in order for the Universe to move forward.

Do something good for someone and you feel good yourself. Ever wonder why? It’s because doing so actually makes the Universe a slightly better place. You get goosebumps and that warm feeling, and you know you did something nice for yourself. You helped out in any way you could. You may have had to sacrifice a little to help someone else out. That little sacrifice usually comes in forms of offering money, preparing food for someone or giving up materialistic things. In the end, giving up things to help the Universe out is a good thing. This is where Karma derives from. The effect might not be immediate, but feeding a homeless person a sandwich may have a profound butterfly effect on someone. It may turn their life around.

Yes, the chance of changing someone’s life is very small, but it’s a numbers game. Out of every 1000 people you help, one may end up doing something with themselves that changes the way we see the world. Imagine if every one of us helped everyone else in the best way we could. Imagine instead of 1 person being helped out, 8 billion people helping each other out, and if 1 out 1000 accomplish something great, that’s 8 million people accomplishing something greater. The Universe will be much more thankful, and in return, we’ll be much more thankful.

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.
Dalai Lama
Spiritual Leader

Being good and doing good things is not something that should be indoctrinated. It shouldn’t be something that is born out of fear. It’s something that should naturally feel acceptable when it’s understood. Be good to each other. Be aware of anyone that tries to take advantage of your kindness, and you’re on your way to full awareness.

Saying “There are no consequences for my actions” is like saying “we have freedom in the US”. All freedoms come with a sense of responsibility. Your actions ripple through the Universe. It’s the butterfly effect. Taking a life simply means that you rob the Universe from the experience of the point of view. However, a life taken has incredibly lasting effects to the ones around. So, although it’s a “bad” thing, other people learn from it. It’s a sort of a yin-yang thing.

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